By zillus

Photoshop Watercolor Effect For Arch Viz Get My Full "Photoshop for Arch Viz" course here: Get the brushes here: promos/cegl See my pro arch viz courses here: Get a discount on my PRO Photoshop painting class here: Get Udemy coupon codes for the pro courses here: promos/cegl In this course I attempt to take a rendering that I made some time ago using 3ds Max and V-Ray, and turn it into a watercolor painting, or something that is NPR (non-photo real). I use Photoshop to mimic the effect, building layer upon layer of digital paint. I use many different Photoshop techniques to achieve the watercolor effect, with the expectation that you can mix and match my techniques and come up with your own watercolor workflow in Photoshop. Hopefully this is useful to you. See above if you want to download the custom brushes that I used, and let me know if you can't get them to work. I'll see what I can do. Principles of Creating Photoshop Watercolor Effects for Arch Viz: The main thing that you have to remember is that you will need to build layer upon layer. The bottom layer should be really "wet", and then you can start adding the dryer paint, with finer detail on top of that. Make sure to experiment with many different techniques, and look at watercolor paintings for ideas. Also, experiment a lot with blending modes in Photoshop.