David Keochkerian holds a PhD in human physiology, and when he’s not rehabilitating the human body, he’s creating dream worlds with natural landscapes and a large dose of creativity. The surreal images that you see are thanks to infrared photography.

Wait, what’s that?

Infrared light is all around us. It’s not visible to the naked eye, but sure doesn’t escape the camera, which uses it to create interesting and sometimes haunting images.

If you’ve already got a camera that gives you that function, filters, a decent lens for landscape photography, and a tripod, then you could take inspiration from David and create your very own universe.

Learning this unique style of photography will help to set you apart and stand out in a unique and creative way. Infrared photography initially required a specific and expensive type of infrared film, but now with this course by Jack Davis, you can learn how to create spectacular images that capture visual elements invisible to the naked eye.

Jack will guide you through the technology choices, in-field options and post-processing secrets that will help you incorporate the jaw-dropping beauty of infrared into your photography. Read more about this class here…