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These watercolor Photoshop brush toolsets are incredibly realistic pressure responsive custom artists brushes for digital painting and drawing. They respond to pressure to create very realistic watercolour digital paint strokes. They are not the usual ‘stamp’ type vector brushes of a single scanned brush stroke, they are natural media brush tools that you can use to paint with naturally as you would with a real watercolor brush, every brush stroke you draw is unique. These are Photoshop TPL toolset files. PDF with easy installation instructions included.

See the amazing preview videos to see watch two paintings created in real time with these real watercolor brushes.

Requires a drawing tablet with pressure sensitive stylus (Wacom, monoprice or similar)

Includes 10 watercolor brush tools: Cherry Pectin Frontier Gently Swayed Grape Remains Lofty Tinge Moth Wing Mud Puddle Ocean Liner Pasteup Swab Caress

Download for just $4 here...

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