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What the action does?  

Make the Image highly large in size, gives extraordinary flashlight glow,professional cleans up the image, smartly sharpen up the image and edges, removes noise and gives a fresh look, A complete all rounder touch up kit for new and amateur photographers

What are the good qualities of this action?

this is an professional action,after the action does its work you can further the light level and sharpen details level. this action does its work professionally in a new separated group so it keeps your image unaffected and does not make any kind of merging

Procedure :

Select your image layer > select the action > hit play > DONE

The Pack Contains :

  1. 1 Action File ( Atn )
  2. help file.pdf ( It tells you about how to change light level and sharpen level )
  3. how to install a action in Photoshop screenshots.jpg
  4. image preview

Download for just $4 here...

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