Lovely Illustrations and Characters by Jelle Gijsberts

Jelle Gijsberts is a Rotterdam based Dutch Illustrator, born in 1983. He loves to create images that tell a story and put a smile on people’s faces. Since his graduation in 2007, he has been freelancing in the field of illustration and animation, and he firmly believe that he has the most amazing job in the world. You can view his complete portfolio at his website.

Mastering Your Photoshop Skills Is Easier Than You Think

Mastering Your Photoshop Skills Is Easier Than You Think

Join one of our best software instructors, Ben Willmore in AdobeĀ® Photoshop CC: The Complete Guide on-demand class, to learn how to work effectively in Photoshop.

Ben has made a profession out of teaching Photoshop and has been doing it for over twenty years. In this series, you'll learn essential topics such as retouching, compositing, masking, layers and troubleshooting.

You'll also learn how Photoshop's adjustment capabilities are essential and how they go way beyond what is available in Adobe Lightroom. By the end of class, you should feel proficient in the workings of this complex program. If you've been paying for Adobe's Creative Cloud Photography plan every month and only use Lightroom, then it's time to take full advantage of your investment by learning Photoshop.

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