Growths by Ari Weinkle is calligraphy with abnormal organic formations

Ari Weinkle, is an artist and designer from Boston, MA. In his work, Ari looks to break apart and re-appropriate different forms such as the human figure, geometric and organic shapes, and typography.

Through the process of fragmenting different entities, he’s continually searching for new and unique juxtapositions between shapes, colors, and patterns. Ari’s work is mostly experimental, often digital, and usually weird.

His inspiration comes from a wide range of sources; he’s have been particularly affected by Japanese aesthetics, abstract painting, surrealism, and philosophy. Ari attempts to draw on both visual and non-visual sources throughout his work.

Growths is a typographic experiment juxtaposing the elegance of copperplate calligraphy with abnormal organic formations


View full Growth alphabet here…

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