Download Free Pinto NO_04 Designer Font by FaceType


The Pinto family made its debut on MyFonts, one of the largest commercial fonts marketplace, over two years ago, and users love it just as much now as they did in 2014. The 14 font collection features a wide wide range of weights — one of which, Pinto NO_04, is free!

The rest of the weights were designed with just as much unique flare as Pinto NO_04 and can be layered together, offering you endless possibilities. If you want to complete your collection and grab the entire Pinto family — which also includes dots, banners, swashes and symbols — you can pick it up for just $29!


Pinto, designed by Vienna based typographer Georg Herold-Wildfellner, lets you transform type into an exciting and beautiful piece of work. The irregular, hand-lettered look adds a real human touch to things and comes along with a lot of loving details. Combine all font-styles the way you want, add some ornamental swashes or banners and even a single word becomes magnificent.


To download this font just add the free style (priced $0.00) to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. You won’t be charged a single cent.

Check out Pinto NO_04 now and browse the rest of FaceType’s bestselling family while you’re at it!

Download Pinto N0_04 Free Font Here…

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