Photoshop Technicolor effect

Filter Forge is an awesome Photoshop plugin that lets you create your own photographic effects and textures filters. All this without programming a single line of code. Awesome isn’t it?

That’s possible because you work on a visual layout area where you can combine different components such as effects, transformations, blending modes, procedures, and whatnot, to produce stunning effects and textures. And what’s best, you can add user defined controls to the filter that will end up showing in the filter interface.

That makes Filter Forge and absolutely unique and incredible piece of software, but if that’s not enough, well, then you have the outstanding library of near 8000 free user contributed filters that you can use if you don’t want to create your own.

This article is just a showcase of 50 awesome photography effects you can apply to your images using Filter Forge. Taking into consideration that Filter Forge demo is FULLY functional for 30 days, then you have enough time to try these ones and many more.

Some time ago I wrote two Filter Forge tutorials that may get you started up creating your own filters: Create a wet and muddy rocks texture and Create an elegant two color technicolor effect filter.

So, go and download your 30 days FULLY functional demo of Filter Forge and start playing with these free filters.

50 awesome photography effects FilterForge filters

Download Filter Forge

Download a 30 days fully functional demo. The only limitation is the 30 days trial period.