Create amazing surreal photo manipulations in Photoshop

Create impossible images in Photoshop just like Professional Retouchers do. You may think that those surreal images you see around are created by extremely skilled artists. Well you are right. But lucky us, some of them decided to share how they did it in these comprehensive Photoshop tutorials.

LEVITATION PHOTO EFFECT: In this tutorial you will learn how to create a levitation effect, in a few easy steps using Adobe Photoshop.

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ESCHER RIBON HEAD EFFECT: In this tutorial the author Steve Caplin shows us how to recreate Escher´s popular ribbon face artwork on a portrait photo. Steve enhanced the effect by including a ghosted version of the original face inside the winding helix, so you can see even those parts of the face that are missing.

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CREATIVE BLENDING: In this tutorial you will learn how mix images in Photoshop in a creative manner.

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SELF SKETCH: Want to turn your self-portrait photos into fine art? Paris-based photographer and graphic designer Sébastien Del Grosso has some techniques he’d like to share with you!

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FACE MASK EFFECT: In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an eye-catching portrait illusion. This tutorial covers the simple techniques that the author used to create a mask out of a photo of is own face.

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CREATE A WATER HORSE: In this tutorial by Adrian Scheff you will learn how to create a see-through water horse in Photoshop. The techniques we will use are fairly simple but I do my best to explain them in detail so you can use them on your future projects.

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Welcome to the future of photo editing

Welcome to the future of photo editing

Meet Luminar Neptune, the best photo editing software and Photoshop plugin for Mac (coming to PC this fall). Fast and powerful, it now features Accent, the world's first AI-powered photo filter. Luminar makes complex image editing ultra-easy, helping you create the most beautiful pictures in seconds.

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