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The Photoshop Roadmap publishes a good amount of tutorials and downloads each day. For some, the load of information of this site is overwhelming, for others, well, not enough.

So I set up different ways and frequencies to be up to date with the contents of this site:

Real Time subscription (as soon as the resource is published)

  • » Twitter: Just subscribe to twitter and receive the tutorials and resources on your mobile phone, IM, or any other device that has internet connection.
  • » RSS Feeds: Receive the news as soon as they are published in your favorite feed reader, such as Google Reader or BlogLines to mention a couple from hundreds available.

Daily subscription digest

  • » RSS Feeds digest by email: One of the best options. Each day you will receive a digest of all resources published the last 24 hours. No long articles or editorials, just a preview image with a title of the resource and the description. Perfect for storing for later use.

Monthly Newsletter

  • » Monthly Newsletter: Another great option. This newsletter delivers the best of the month. If you can´t handle all the information published by Photoshop Roadmap each day, then subscribe to the newsletter and receive the best of the month.

Well, that´s it. I guess that I will be adding more subscription options in the future, but as for today, you can be updated with an hourly, daily and monthly frequency. Enough to keep you busy for a while!