Eye candy and design inspiration for your creative mind

Two designers takes paper crafting to a whole new level
Beautiful architectural watercolors of a dreamlike Warsaw by Tytus Brzozowski
Colorful captivating geometric animations by Florian de Looij
Before Photoshop: Creepy headless portraits from the 19th century
How to Create an Amazing Business Card
‘Game of Thrones’ characters get a 80s and 90s makeover
Printing Methods 101: What to Choose and Why
Photographer masterfully captures the beauty of tribal women in ethiopia
Photographer Eli Costi shows that Abandoned Luxury is also a thing
How to Successfully Redesign a Logo (Infographic)
Surreal Infrared Landscape Photography by David Keochkerian
Photographer takes funny high-speed photos of dogs shaking
Artist Creates Ceramic Sculptures That Look Like Inflatable Toys
Surreal And Beautiful Photography of Tokyo’s Levitating Girl, plus Photoshop Tutorial.
Dad makes his 6-year-old’s drawings come to life (almost).
Photography meets Impressionism with these spellbinding photos
If you’re not a fan of rings, these adorable ones will change your mind.
Elegant Carved Digital Portraits of Animals and People by Maxim Shkretby
Talented Designer Creates Beautiful Art From Colored Pieces of Paper
Creative Japanese Professor Draws Amazing Pictures On Chalkboard
Serbian artist draws incredible flat works of art that appear to be 3D.
Lovable Portraits of Cute Baby Animals Dressed Like Humans
Quiz: Can You Identify These Famous Logos?
Growths by Ari Weinkle is calligraphy with abnormal organic formations
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