If ‘going viral’ was a thing in the 19th century, these photographs would have been shared a million times. Who doesn’t like a good image that brings together elements of magic, illusion, trickery, and a good dose of shock-factor?

Going headless seems to have been the fantasy of the time in the Victorian era, if these interesting portraits are anything to go by. Way before Photoshop, photographers combined multiple negatives to form these rather macabre images. But if you’re a fan of Victorian ghost stories, you can pretend that you didn’t just read that and imagine that these were truly people posing with their detachable heads.

Repair And Retouch With Style Using Photoshop’s Clone And Content Aware Tools.

Join Photoshop instructor Aaron Nace for an in-depth lesson into cloning and image correction. Learn how to remove distractions, simplify backgrounds, and hide skin blemishes using advanced cloning techniques. When do you use the clone stamp over the healing brush tool? Learn the differences between the two and how to use both to their fullest potential. From retouching to image restoration, these cloning techniques will make a series difference in your workflow.

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Adobe Photoshop Mastery: Advanced Masking

Learn the skills necessary to isolate anything in your image by creating a complex selection! In this one day class, Ben Willmore will show you how to apply adjustments to limited areas.