Fake images are all around us. Almost every fashion model or artist photo is digitally beautified prior to its public release. Sometimes this goes too far and the photos are so fixed that leaves almost no traces of the original natural beauty of the subject being retouched.

This digital enhancement of human faces and bodies is called Digital Makeover. It usually involves techniques such as skin smoothing, red eye removal, hair color replacement an so on. Although at first sight performing a digital makeover over a photo seems to be an advanced task, it may surprise you how easy is to make noticeable changes to faces with a basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. This article is a guide of the best digital makeover tutorials and resources around the web and it is not the intention of this post to express a definition of beauty in any sense. It is just a thorough listing of photo retouching techniques for Photoshop.

Retouching Different Parts of a Face

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fix eyes

EYES: Enhance eyes brightness

change eye color

EYES: Change the color of an eye

red eye removal

EYES: Remove red eye

whiten teeth

TEETH: Whiten teeth

nose job

NOSE: Modifying a nose (profile)

nose job

NOSE: Modifying a nose (front)

extracting hair

HAIR: Extracting hair

extracting frizzy hair

HAIR: Extracting
frizzy hair

change hair color

HAIR: Changing
hair color

retouch hair roots

HAIR: Retouch dark
hair roots

painting a beard

HAIR: Painting a beard

painting a moustache

HAIR: Painting a moustache

remove wrinkles

SKIN: Wrinkle removal

skin tone correction

SKIN: Skin tone


smooth skin

SKIN: Smooth skin

eye makeup

MAKEUP: Eye makeup

eyeliner effect

MAKEUP: Eyeliner


MAKEUP: Apply lipstick

sharpen face

FACE: Sharpen selected areas of a face

face highlights

FACE: Tone down highlights of a face

create a smile

FACE: Create a smile

All in One Digital Makeover Tutorials

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beautify a face

Beautify a face

face makeover

Face makeover

Digital Makeover Special Effects

Click on each link to read the tutorials

aging a face

Aging a face

clown makeup

Clown makeup

animal skin

Animal skin

crack and peel skin

Crack and peel skin

nose job

Fake scar

adding a tatoo

Adding a tattoo

Digital Makeover Photoshop Plugins

Click on each link to view the plugins

aging a face

Human Software Autosmooth Plugin

clown makeup

Color Pilot
Makeup plugins

Digital Makeover Books

Click on each link to read the book reviews

aging a face

Photoshop Elements 2 Face Makeovers: Digital Makeovers for Your Friends and Family

aging a face

Skin: The Complete Guide to Digitally Lighting, Photographing, and Retouching Faces and Bodies

aging a face

Adobe Photoshop CS: The Art of Photographing Women

aging a face

40 Digital Photo Retouching Techniques

aging a face

Photographer’s Guide to the Digital Portrait: Start to Finish with Adobe Photoshop

aging a face

Photoshop Effects for Portrait Photographers

aging a face

Portrait Photographer’s Handbook

aging a face

Photoshop Digital Cosmetic Surgery

aging a face

Adobe Photoshop Restoration & Retouching

Digital Makeover Resources on the Web

» Automatic beauty technology

Three Israeli computer scientists from Tel Aviv University (TAU) have developed the ultimate enhancement tool for retouching digital images. Called the Beauty Function, their program scans an image of your face, studies it and produces a slightly more beautiful you.


» Age progressed and age regressed portraits and animations

Dr. D’ Lynn Waldron says: “…My portraits do not predict the future, but only show what it might be in certain circumstances. With modern cosmetic and medical intervention, some of my portraits are like the ‘Picture of Dorian Gray’, showing things the world will never see…”


» Dove beauty campaign

Amazing extreme digital makeover video. A must see.


» Extreme model makeup

This interactive presentation guides you through a digital makeover performed over a model. You can check the before and after states of each part of the model. Click on the image to start the presentation.


» Lose weight with Photoshop

This phenomenal makeover is performed only with the liquify tool!


» Virtual makeover online

Impressive tool from Makeover Solutions. Choose a model or upload your photo and start working. Requires free registration.


» Detouching examples

No photo retouching resources list is complete without a Worth1000 gallery. This gallery is the result of a “Detouching” contest. Amazing results. Not exactly nice and beautiful.

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