This Plugin Will Change The Way You Use Photoshop

Would you like to learn a secret trick many photographers and graphic designers use to make their photos look more professional? It’s actually a simple plugin that makes your photo editing work a whole lot easier.

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8 Photoshop Cheesy Effects You Secretly Love Done the Right Way

A common mistake most Photoshop beginners users make is to apply all kinds of effects to photos the wrong way. We’ve all been there. Shiny golden texts, fairy dust, curly pages, vintage colors, and an endless accumulation of cheesy effects, all being applied at once to your image. In this article you will find a good selection of detailed tutorials that will show you how to create those cheesy effects the right way.

Dreamy Lighting Effects

Illustration and Painterly Effects

Flame and Fire Effects

Photo Frames

Chrome and Golden Metal Effects

Page Curls and Folded Paper

Retro Vintage

Face Makeover and Digital Makeup

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