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Two years ago I wrote some articles and compilations about Photoshop plugins: How to apply a texture with Squizz Photoshop plugin, Create a wet and muddy rocks texture with FilterForge plugin, Programming Photoshop Plugins, 5 unique Photoshop plugins you should be aware of, and 3D plugins for Photoshop.

This time, I decided to gather a list of 15 incredible and absolutely free Photoshop plugins. And when I mean free, I mean it. You can use them for your commercial projects. Of course, you cannot sell or redistribute them without written permission of their authors. These are only a handful of plugins that stood out from the rest. But there are lot more free plugins around there, and one of the best sources to find them is The Plugin Site free plugins list. I simply had to check each one from that list and decide which one was worthy to be included in this list. Enjoy it!

Ulead Particle Plugin

Ulead Particle Photoshop Plugin

Eight natural particle effects for images and selections – smoke, fire, bubbles, clouds, rain and more.
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Ulead Art Texture

Ulead Art Texture plugin

Explore the possibilities of digital tie-dye by creating multi-color patterns swirls and backgrounds.
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Ulead Fantasy Warp

Ulead Fantasy Warp Photoshop Plugin

Take any image or selection and warp, distort, and twist it into surreal patterns.
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Flaming Pear Primus

Primus photoshop plugin

Easy bevels and textures with one click.
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Filter Forge Freepack 1 – Metal Textures

Filter Forge metal textures

A set of seven photo realistic metal textures and effects. Metallizing effects, alien or industrial metallic surfaces, rust or aluminum foil, and more – all filters are fully adjustable and support seamless tiling.
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Filter Forge Freepack 2 – Photo Effects

Filter forge photo effects photoshop plugin

A set of seven photo enhancing effects. Give your photos a sunny style, apply grunge look or color tints, age the image, and more – all filters are fully adjustable and resolution-independent.
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Filter Forge Freepack 3 – Frames

Filter forge frames photoshop plugins

A set of seven filters that create frames for your photos. Apply a realistic painted wooden frame or a vignette, give your photos a classic elegant feel or a ragged harsh look, and more.
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Iridiscent Photoshop Plugin

The Digital Artshop’s Iridescent filter will apply a pearl like effect to your image. The effect is fully controllable with sliders for the amount of reflections, color strength, smoothing and a detail enhancer.
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Auto Photo Mosaic

Photo mosaic photoshop plugin

Mosaic makes your photos look as if they were created out of a mosaic tile. Photo-realistic depth and variable tile size and color options give this effect an infinite number of looks.
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Auto FX Dreamy Photo

Dreamy Photo Photoshop Plugin

Dreamy Photo gives images a soft romantic feel. This is a superb effect for enhancing stock photography, digital camera photos and any image you want to add a warm feel to.

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Sinedots II

Sinedots II photoshop plugin

This plugin uses some simple sinus calculations to generate nice patterns.
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Luce Photoshop Plugin

A plugins that creates beams of volumetric light.

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Redfield Water Ripples

Water Ripples Photoshop Plugin

Water Ripples is a freeware Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in filter. The highly realistic water ripples effect designer has numerous options as well as an impressive 3D quality. The random settings generator produces unlimited variations of rippled surfaces.
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Redfield Lattice 3D

Redfield Lattice 3d photoshop plugin

Lattice Composer is a freeware Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in filter. It effectively designs grids and nettings. It produces a variety of weave patterns, fabric textures, body art tattoos and skeleton simulations. The 3D text effects are extraordinary.
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Redfield Jama 3D

Redfield Jama 3D Photoshop Plugin

Jama 3D is a freeware Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in filter. It’s the simplest way to create corrugated and cellular like patterns from 2D images. You can easily make various bricks and herring bone textures. Sequenced filtering produces bizarre unreal deformations of the original picture, crumpled paper effect, etc. Using different 2D shapes on a transparent layer produces complicated 3D border effects. The edge antialiasing option improves the dithering.
The filter is extremely compact and accessible.
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