10 Critical Photoshop Mistakes You Must Stop Making

We all love to laugh at other people’s mistakes, especially while looking at those hilarious Photoshop Fails. But when are you going to fix your own mistakes?

Even those so-called experts make mistakes sometimes. So, before you call yourself a Photoshop master, see if you make any of these amateur mistakes when using Photoshop.

1) Forgetting To Use History Snapshots

The History window is one of the best features in Photoshop that allow you to turn back time whenever you mess up an image. Although, it’s not easy to go back to a specific time when you can’t remember where you went wrong. And, worst of all, Photoshop has its limits for recording history.

But, it won’t be an issue if you create Snapshots. Whenever you make a sensitive edit on an image, it’s wise to create a Snapshot before making any further improvements.

This will allow you to quickly restore your photo to an earlier point in time.

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